A message from Murdoc Niccals

"My loyal subjects… Thanks to some corrupt officials and a lot of bribery, I’m only bloody ONLINE"

Murdoc Niccals has been granted access to the internet every fortnight. He claims to have been framed and he needs YOUR help to get him freed. Talk to man himself this Friday, for the next chapter in the Free Murdoc saga. Will he ever get out?

Only time will tell.

Friday 3rd August 3-9pm BST
Friday 17th August 3-9pm BST
Friday 31st August 3-9pm BST
Friday 14th September 3-9pm BST
Friday 28th September 3-9pm BST

Visit Gorillaz Facebook page and click send message at the top of the page to begin corresponding with Murdoc.

Add Free Murdoc as a contact on Skype here. Open chat and begin typing.

Add "Free Murdoc" as a contact on KIK. Open chat and begin typing.

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