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Episode one
Holly Warburton
Kate talks with Holly Warburton about her depiction of Cyborg Noodle’s epic journey from the depths of an underwater world to the surface. Holly talks of the role of animation in her illustrations and the art of painting digitally.
Episode two
Ruff Mercy
Picasso said "Good artists borrow but great artists steal". Here, Ruff Mercy enlightens Kate on how his life-long love for hip-hop impacted his approach to sampling other artists’ work. They talk about music as the greatest inspiration, the risks of imitation and how he came to create his unique marriage of drawing with live footage.
Episode three
Jared Cody Wolf
"New but old, familiar and alien, foreign but personal" is how Jared Cody Wolf describes the feel of his work. The artist whose seven-page spread follows Hewlett’s own work. Jared tells of his highly sensory process and his desires to move to a South American fishing village.
Episode four
Vanesa R. Del Rey
From Renoir to Marvel, Grandmas and Heavy Metal, in this episode Kate talks to Vanessa about her process and her influences. They discuss why Vanessa resonates with Noodle and delve into what lies in the shadows of her gritty, noir sequential artwork.
Episode five
Jamie Hewlett
In this episode, Jamie reveals the importance of experimentation and role of Gorillaz fans in his creative process. Kate questions Jamie on the conception of the Gorillaz Art Book, how artists can come together in an isolated world and what is next for the band.